Vendor Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service apply to all STM Forum members, paying and otherwise, who fall under a Vendor user membership (normal customer Terms of Service for vendors are available here).

By registering a user and corresponding subscription with STM Forum you agree to be held to the standards entitled herein and acknowledge that breaches of these standards may, at the discretion of forum staff, result in account suspension and subscription cancellation with no entitlement to refunds, regardless of the forums refund policy statement.

General Expectations

As a holder of a vendor subscription we have certain expectations of your behaviour on the forum.

The forum is not a marketplace for pitching to users, cold calling via PM or carrying out any behaviour that may considered spamming. Sending unsolicited private messages with the intent of drafting users to your company/product, initiating discussion outside the forum (e.g. Skype) for similar purposes, are not acceptable and these types of messages are quickly reported by users - who like us do not find PM span acceptable or tolerable.

The persistent usage of subtle hints at joining your network/service and dropping Skype contact details often in threads is also not acceptable behaviour. Similarly, behaviour clearly intended to provide little value with the goal of getting exposure of one’s signature is considered spamming.

Common sense operates. If you are taking actions and contributing low-value content for the primary purpose of getting leads, you are probably spamming and users will know it.

Where & What Can I post?

Vendor Subforums:

Every Affiliate Network or Traffic Network is entitled to making one official network thread in the Official Network Threads section. You can post anything you like to promote your business (as long as it's legal and doesn't break other forum rules). You may add replies to the thread for up to 2 times a week with any new information, such as offers etc.

If you are an affiliate network with unique offer opportunities, or a traffic network with unique traffic opportunities, you can post them in Affiliate Offers & Traffic Opportunities

If you have a product or service to sell/promote, please post in the STM Marketplace subforum.

If you're selling accounts (here's the section to do this in), make sure they're not hacked stolen accounts. We also prohibit the buying/selling of Facebook and Google ad accounts (please find details here).

As a vendor, if you wish to contribute a case study or a post from your company blog, please only post in the Vendor Case Studies and Blog Posts section. Please only post useful content, and do not include links to your business in the post body (leave that for your forum signature). If reposting a blog post, please include the ENTIRE blog post, and not just a summary with a link to the original post.

Each network may start a maximum of ONE self-promotional thread each WEEK in only ONE of the subforums listed above. With the exception of the Official Network Thread, please do not bump your threads except to answer member questions.

Please DO NOT promote your offers/products/services in threads outside of the ones mentioned above.

Private Messages:

Unsolicited private messages to any of our members (or “cold calling”) promoting your company/product is strictly forbidden UNLESS the member has explicitly expressed interest in the company/product or has asked forum-wide to be contacted by any such company/product.


Signatures may be used to promote your company. Vendors will have limitations on sigature size and we reiterate that we will not low-value posting targetd at getting signature impressions.


Unsolicited promotion of your company and/or offers outside of the scope of the above terms may be deemed by STM administration to be spam and is not permitted. Whether or not a thread/post/private message constitutes ‘spam’ will be determined by STM administration on whatever evidence they deem to be necessary.


STM has a strict “TWO strike, you’re out” policy. Any violation of the above rules after being given a written warning by STM Forum staff will result in the account in question being permanently banned with no refund available.

In cases where behaviour is exceptionally unsatisfactory or malicious, or breaches our general forum Terms of Service, we reserve the right to suspend an account without warning.

Finally, here are some helpful tips on general forum usage.

  1. To access the forum, visit
  2. You will be required to log in through aMember. At any time you can visit your user control panel at - here you will be able to renew subscriptions, change passwords, etc.
  3. Our animated onboarding guide is available here - and you will get sent to this automatically on first log in. Please do fill out our profile form data to help us better understand our user base (this information is private and we do not share it).
  4. If at any time you get locked out or run into difficulties, submit a support ticket to our friendly staff at
  5. We occasionally encounter delays where payment processors take a while to verify new transactions, which can lead to your subscription being marked as pending - even if you have paid by PayPal/CC! If this does happen, give it a few hours and if still locked out, please submit a support ticket. This usually happens when things are out of our hands but we can investigate and take steps to speed up resolution.

----------------- End of Terms of Service for STM Forum Users -----------------
----------------- Last updated 29th April 2016 --------------------------------