General Customer Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service apply to all STM Forum members, paying and otherwise, who fall under a typical user membership (additional Terms of Service for vendors are available here).

By registering a user and corresponding subscription with STM Forum you agree to be held to the standards entitled herein and acknowledge that breaches of these standards may, at the discretion of forum staff, result in account suspension and subscription cancellation with no entitlement to refunds, regardless of the forums refund policy statement.

Acceptable decorum

As a general rule STM Forum expects a high level of professionalism and decorum from members. “Common sense” applies in the context of professionalism and this applies to forum posts, replies and private messages.

Flaming, trolling, sexism, racism, derogatory comments, immature behaviour and dissemination of deliberately inaccuarate or misleading information will not be tolerated.

Other users should be treated with respect and similarly, as a user, you should at no times be subjected to excessively demeaning, belittling, defaming or otherwise derogatory behaviour.

STM Forum avoids censoring member posts and content but may choose to do so at the discretion of forum staff when user content is considered inappropriate or a large breach of decorum. Such incidences may or may not result in a warning depending on the level of infarction.

Incidentally, while STM Forum is a place of “free speech” and prefers to remain unbiased, we acknowledge and sincerely denounce sexism toward women in the affiliate marketing industry and will not tolerate discussions of on overly sexist nature, likewise extremely sexist comments, especially those directed at STM members. Similarly, derogatory comments against other members on the basis of gender prejudice are immature and will not be tolerated.

Unacceptable topics of discussion

STM Forum has a diverse community and body of discussion. There are several scenarios where we may choose to remove or prohibit discussion, for various reasons:

  1. Selling of Facebook/Google Advertising accounts - due to the prevalence of fraudulent behaviour by sellers, we have banned discussion of this in all forms - sales, purchases, JV’s, etc. It’s not worth it.
  2. Discussions of illegal, grossly unethical or malicious practices
  3. Slander and libel - wrongful defamation of companies and people that could damage reputation and/or business. In some cases STM Forum may intervene in discussions in order to protect users who become legally liable for their comments. E.g. affiliate wrongfully accuses vendor of extremely unethical or mailcious practices, provides no evidence, possibly does so out of personal spite and potentially damages that vendors reputation and business.
  4. Hate speech, political activism and anti-religious discussion - this isn’t the place for this kind of thing and is not discussion our users come here for, nor should be expected to tolerate.

Use of Affiliate/Referral Links

The use of affiliate or referral links of any sort in the body of forum posts is prohibited.

Please restrict affiliate/referral links to your forum signature.

Acceptable forum access and fraudulent activity

As a user you are purchasing a subscription for yourself and no one else. An account subscription entitles the purchasing user alone to forum access with no specific limitation on device access, time limits, or concurrent connections, but with limitation to only several concurrent login sessions to allow multiple browsers/concurrent devices.

Some users may choose to share access with their team or partners. This is not strictly condoned but falls within acceptable use provided the number of concurrent login sessions remains within limits (which we set and can change at our discretion).

Note: for local networking events and those free to STM members only, a username and active account will be required per person.

STM Forum employs various analytical tools for tracking user activity, concurrency and security auditing based on a variety of data. By registering you acknowledge that we, at any time, may suspend your account if we have evidence of clear account misuse. This can be in the form of automated access and activity (e.g. scraping), excessive access and account sharing (e.g. group buys), reselling of access, suspicious behaviour such as user impersonation, brute force login attempts, mailcious activities such as hacking/vulnerability exploit attempts, and so on.

Any account suspensions for unacceptable use, fraudulent and malicious activity, will be permanent and not be eligible for refunds.

Account suspension

In all cases, breaches of forum standards as well as clear fraudulent activity will result in account suspension at the discretion of STM Forum staff. No manual account suspensions are entitled to refunds and we reserve the right to suspend new accounts pending investigation that we believe are linked to previously banned accounts.


As outlined in our refund policy HERE, users may receive a full refund if they choose to cancel STM Forum membership within approximately 3 days of joining. The window of eligibility may be extended on a case by case basis at the discretion of STM Forum staff where factors such as holidays, extenuating circumstances, lack of or delayed access, technical problems, unintentional delays (forgetfulness) in contacting staff etc., have reduced the ability of users to fully experience the forum.

In all cases of manual suspension for Terms of Service breaches, users are not eligible for refunds.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

STM Forum is a discussion board populated by user-generated content. User-generated content ownership is often a point of debate, so the following basic operating rules are in place:

Data processing, privacy and your data rights

IStack Forum Limited fully supports your individual rights to privacy and security of all data you submit to us as a customer and otherwise.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and European Commission Decision 2010/87/EU – Standard Contractual Clauses (Processors), here we provide access to our data protection and processing documentation and information on your rights under GDPR.

Data Processing Addendum – you may view our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) to these standard Terms & Conditions here. This DPA is self-signed by IStack Forum Limited and you may complete it by signing to provide a record of our data protection agreement.

Data Processing Goals – you may view our data processing goals here.

Nominated EU Representative – in accordance with Article 27 and The Company being domiciled outside EU member states, we nominate an EU-based representative. That representative is Mr Lorenzo Green, Netherlands, who may be contacted at [email protected].

Records of Processing Activites – the GDPR requires all organisations to document their data processing activities, including the lawful basis for processing such data. Records of these processing activities will be provided at request for regulatory authorities and when requested by customers, staff and vendors.

Subject Access Requests - The GDPR provides the following rights for EU individuals:

We allow you to submit data requests to exercise any of these rights via this form.

iStack Forum Limited fully supports the rights to privacy and transparency of data usage mandated in the GDPR and if you have any questions at any time about your data or rights, you can reach out to us at [email protected]

----------------- End of Terms of Service for STM Forum Users -----------------
----------------- Last updated 24th May 2018 --------------------------------