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The STM Secret Sauce to Crafting Mad ROI Ads

Remember Big ScottyG’s comeback last week?


Can't catch a break with Tiktok ads - $1,047.22 lost

It blew up.

This newbie was wondering why his ads ain’t bringing in dough.

Lemme give ye a tasting of his copy/angle:

"Are you looking for the most affordable and top rated insurance rates for your vehicle?" (his video ads ye shall find linked inside)

And lemme quote @miamiviews real quick:

“I've been trying to beat this Tiktok game for months (since April) with no luck.

I've spent $1525.06 on ads and only made $477.84 in revenue.

My best day was $1.20 spend and $40 revenue, but that quickly died the next day.

Even when an ad seems like it's working, it either dies on its own or my duplicated ads never become profitable.”

If this works anywhere, in any way shape or form be it text or image or video, Yours Truly’s closing shop.

Dig down the thread and what do ye find?

Clues, hints, and secrets on what ye need to do to craft stupid-high ROI angles.

Many of us chimed in, and ye wanna grab yer shady affiliate notebook.

The Jaybot himself speaks:

“Yet he gives out his advice for free.

This summary alone is worth almost as much as the going price on the book ($600 last I checked)”

The book in question?

Throw your GF away and meet your new mistress, Breakthrough Advertising.


Seek inside and ye shall find:

Why some ads work, why most don’t and most importantly, why these 3 video ads failed.

Why most newbies are clueless when it comes to FB or TikTok campaigns.

And why most super affiliates have no clue why their ads work in the first place.

Think of this as a secret-sauce-blueprint on how the best affiliates in the world keep dominating every traffic source.

Plus… a detailed guide may or may not be coming soon.

We’re just warming up.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Pay Close Attention & Absorb Here

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Since these campaigns are completely owned and operated by MaxBounty, it gives us more leverage to help affiliates increase their profitability. We can now work with them directly to tailor to their needs by:

  • Altering rates to ensure their campaigns are profitable. (Eg.
  • Helping you reach a specific EPC to achieve positive ROI).
  • Providing optimization assistance by offering insight into how your campaigns perform with different demographics, locations, and channels.
  • Allowing wide traffic source freedom including SMS traffic.
  • Providing flexible payout types including both CPL and CPC
  • Customized conversion points
  • Completing quick sub-source quality checks in less than 24 hours.
  • Fast approval on owned and operated by request campaigns.

The below infographic illustrates just how successful these campaigns have been for the limited number of MaxBounty affiliates who promoted them in 2022:

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👉👉👉Become a MaxBounty affiliate

The ScottyG Saga Continues

If ye’ve ever wondered what our resident TikTok grandmaster wizard’s been up to…

Let me tickle yer curiosity:

“Haven't done this in about... 6 months give or take?

I had a really, really good March in 2022 and decided to play video games & drink until winter came back.

After spending the equivalent of a mid sized family home in food, video games, alcohol and cars I've come back to milk the money tree of AM. Hopefully.

I have 632 games on Steam, I have a serious problem. “


“After taking like 6 months off, it's amazing to come back and see people that used to be noobs making more money than they could ever dream of.

I'll be honest, I expected all of them to fail, but a shocking majority of those that persevered and didn't give up are making $10k, $20k and $50k months now.

I've had dudes message me on skype in broken English asking me what a landing page was, I give them a few tips and go AWOL.

I login to Skype again 6 months later and they're sending me selfies of their corvette, it's unreal.

I still think Affiliate marketing is a scam simply because it really is too good to be true, it's a bitch to learn, sure, but fuck... Compared to climbing a corporate ladder for pennies? It's a dream.”


This ain’t even the best part.

Inside ye shall find ScottyG’s darkest TikTok secrets, affiliate wisdom, and eye-opening advice on how to turn TikTok into your best new affiliate buddy.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Pay Even Closer Attention Here

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