💣 How to Get 700M Views For Free

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How to Get 700M Views…For Free

Can anyone, at this point, ignore The TikTok?

STMers be making bank.

It’s the shiny new high-revving monster.

Big spends, big revenues.

How-ever, what if ye could get 700 million views without swiginging yer hard earned affiliate dollarydoos?

We’re talking zero ad spend.

Organic traffic.

TikTok’s one of the fastest ways to build an audience right now.

Ever wondered how Bella Poarch got one of the most viewed TikToks of all time (the 700M views in question..), watch this:

What made this specific TikTok go viral?

What’s the psychology behind it?

How does TikTok’s algorithm work?

How did Bella get a bajillion followers so quickly?


And more.

What if there’s a way to quantify & analyse this?

To make sense of it all.

So ye can perhaps build yer own accounts.

Yer in for a treat, my affiliate friend.

P.S. Let me know in the thread if yer liking this sorta STM content and yours truly shall provide more.

P.S.S. Yer welcome.

P.S.S.S. This is a long read and I’m deeply upset it’s all posted for free…

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$10k/Day Financing Options

@roiter123’s spending upwards of $10k/day right now.

And he needs funding in order to scale.

Payouts sometimes take long.

ROI, however, does not sleep.

How do pro STMers get financing?

Some recommend loans.

Others recommend ye get special ad commission financing (links to useful & popular services inside).

Others like their Amex very much.

Others yet have attempted to launch a bank for marketers.

Plenty of knawledge gold inside.

Many flavours available.

Yer welcome.

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Come Meet STM At AWA? (Vote In Thread)

Board yer tuk-tuks & prepare to drift Bangkok’s busy streets.

Are STM meetups happening again?


How would ye like to get together with fellow STMers?

Ye have been warned, through, spots are limited.

Let me quote Amy:

“Many of you have been asking for meetups for STM members during conferences.

I'm thinking maybe during AWA this year we could get together?

We'll all be really busy with the conference itself and of course all the parties. So this STM gathering wouldn't be big like the "formal" meetups we've had before. Maybe just a few of us chatting over dinner somewhere?

To limit our group size, let's keep this to current STM members only, and first-come first-served.”

Also, cast yer vote on when we want to meet:

Nov-28th or Dec-2nd.

👉👉👉 Pick A Date For The Meetup Here

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