💡 How 2 Follow-Along on STM

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How 2 Follow-Along on STM

There are a number of ways to do yer STM follow-along...

And the vast majority are wrong.

But there’s a good reason why.

If you only post your stats, like this:

CTR: 90000%

Clicks: Bajillion

CPMs: Screw you, Zuck

Conversions: Nada

Offer: Insert generic lead-gen offer vertical here

You then ask “but why doesn’t this work?”

You needn’t be surprised.

Might as well throw your money to the wind.

Or go buy lottery tickets.

Or…put it all on red.

Because these stats are useless.

Not unless ye add your most important aspect.

The ads and creatives.

@tcole232’s follow-along is a good one.

In fact, ye should jump in and read carefully.

Maybe ye get on the right track, too:

“The final amounts were 151 offer clicks out of 348 link clicks. I talked to the {redacted :)} this morning and although it was one of their "top" performers on the network the cr was only .58% lol. “

And start one of your own, the proper way.

He’s got his ads and copies in there.

And he got precious insights from our resident FB wizard @stickupkid.

👉👉👉 Observe & Absorb & Hit The Thanks Buttons Here

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Barcelona Meetup Pics

Me thinks this has been one of the best STM meetups to date.


“Thanks for putting on this event! It was awesome to finally meet some of the individuals who I've been talking regularly.”

“Super super event… it was great meeting all of you there.”

“Thank you for this great event. Atmosphere, food and people were such a perfect comibination. Absolutely loved it.”

“I really loved the meeting too. Lots of great conversations and insights. I hope to see you guys in one of the next conferences.”

Most affs ain’t back home yet.

Some travellin’.

Some vacationin’.

But it was good.

Where will the next one be?

**👉👉👉 Go See Some Pics

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