😎 From Millions to $0 And Back

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😎 From Millions to $0 & Back

As the old saying goes…

One affiliate’s treasure is another affiliate’s treasure.

Let me slap a quick paste:

“At one point I lost everything….[].So decided to blow 100's of thousands on dumb shit, and a whole lot of alcohol. Can't tell you how many times Ive repeated this process though. Make a ton, spend a ton, lose it all, get it back, spend it all, go broke, make it back, spend more, make even more, just to lose it all.“

You should tuck this here follow along in yer bookmarks.


“I was young at the time, made my first $1 million at 23 yrs old, and was actually kind scared at that point. Never saw that kind of money, and it freaked me out (idk if anyone here has experienced that) but it felt really scary for me seeing $500k in monthly revenues (kinda makes you feel as if you did something wrong. “

More yet:

Traffic Source: Tiktok

Tacker: RedTrack

Offers: Financial, VSL, Home Restoration.

Testing Style: Spray and pray

Scaling: Once I find something working on tiktok, will move it to FB, Snap and GoogleAds.

Budget per campaign: Depending on the offer this will range anywhere from $50-$200.”

I personally approve of the testing style.



Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Follow The White Rabbit...Here

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The Taking Action vs Research Dilemma

There’s this one law on STM.

The one and only rule.


Taking action is, by far, STM’s most important lesson.

If you want big numbers, action’s yer new best friend.

But there’s a problem.

What if ye don’t know what you’re even supposed to be doing?

What then?

You learn and research.

And research.

And learn.

And research.

And eventually, you’ve accomplished nothing.

Because you haven’t taken action.

What do super affiliates do?

Clearly ye need to be doing both.

Unless ye like throwing yer money at the wind.

But how?

👉👉👉 Here’s How, Yer Welcome

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