Airport Parking 🅿️ Lead Gen?

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Airport Parking 🅿️ Lead Gen Business–Finders Keepers

The @kjrocker himself just shared a curious lead gen biz idea.

One ye should sink yer teefies in deep if ye ask me.

The niche?

Airport parking.

The pre-sell? Well lemme copy-paste it:

‘Imagine you are leaving for Bangkok and have to leave your car at the airport.

You are looking for all the car parking services, and there are a few car park services, Some with high prices and others with cheap rates but dodgy-looking websites and you are confused about what to do about it.

I had to go through this, and I will tell you it's not a pleasant experience.’

The lightbulb moment?

The juicy details?

The hows and the whys?

Nice try, pal–see inside.

But lemme just tell ye, there’s a massive, underutilised market gap up for grabs.

And all it would take is one crafty STMer.

P.S.: Here are some stats and screenshots:

Google ads CPC - £0.35

Average CPA: £5.46 ( Avg CR 15% )

Yer welcome.

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Just How Bad Is Yer AM?

Sometimes ye come across a naughty affiliate manager.

Sometimes they’re unresponsive.

Sometimes they’re not helpful.

They argue.

They don’t approve offers.

Or they don’t respond.

Or they nudge ye every single f** second.

Or maybe they’re having a bad day.


Eventually, this happens to everyone.

What ye can do is request a new AM, immediately.

If that doesn’t help ye can turn to yer fellow STMers.

Why? Because we’re all well connected.

We shake some trees.

Pull a few strings.

And off ye go.

Back to rainbows, unicorns and conversions.

Just as it took place with @adwithjosh.

P.S. Networks, pay attention.

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Lazy Neo Himself recommends one service he bought.

And a free Google Text to Speech.

The Jaybot swears by the TikTok app.

You there.

How about you?

What do you use for voiceovers?

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