🦆 Affiliate Migration to Dubai -- 28th Feb, 2023

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😎 STMers Flocking to Dubai This February 28th

Pack up & get ready.

This is one month away.

Put dem campaigns on pause and hop over to Dubai.

Come meet yer STM familia in person.

Get yerself a fancy STM forum t-shirt.

Yes, it’s free.

So is the lunch.

Come discuss ‘the business’ with yer fellow members.



Make money.

Have fun.

Et cetera.

WHEN: 28th February, 12:00 (noon)

WHERE: DUBAI, location to be announced later on

With whom?

Yer usual suspects.

Plus whomever RSPVs.

Don’t wait up and let us know if you’re coming.

See your shifty affiliate eyeballs in Dubai.

👉👉👉 RSVP For STM Meetup HERE

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😎 Can You Be All Things to All People?

While the world’s greatest marketeeers might be on STM, that’s not the case at conferences.

Especially so when we’re talking new affiliate networks, baby affiliate managers and the mass confusion that conferences can be.

Digital rogues & wizards? Yes, 100%.

Real life? Y'all can’t sell for sh#%.


“I often see the same when getting DMs, either on here, social media, the ASW app, or other platforms. Someone will message me and say "Hey we do widgets A, B, and C." And I'll politely respond with "Thank you for reaching out, however I'm currently focused on gizmo X." And inevitably they'll respond with, "Oh we do gizmo X as well." And at that point they just come across as desperate and reaching.”

This walks right past Sales 101, skips it, turns around and flips it the bird.

Plus, ye can’t be everything to everyone.

That’s not how ye sell yerself and yer company.

Can you feel your blood pressure rising?


More good stuff you can discuss inside.

You can thank @iwanttofly.

Yer welcome.

👉👉👉 Here Ye Go, Discuss

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