🤨A Strange 'Social Bar' to ‘Disguise’ Your Push Notifications?

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What’s a God-Damned ’Social Bar’?

I know–the answers ye seek shall be answered.


This ain’t yer regular boring old push notification:

Basically, a ‘social bar’ is a quirky in-page push notification.


But wait, there’s more:

But wait, there’s even more:

Would ye look at the difference.

All this thanks STM’s latest legendary mod addition: @larsometer.

It’s a detailed (and profitable) traffic source review.

And it’s one ye probably haven’t used yet.

And ye should.

Look at this:

Larsometer’s laid it all out (with detailed step-by-step screenshots) for ye lazy affiliates.

So ye can launch yer own social bar campaigns.

Time to sink yer teeth in deep while this lasts.

Yer welcome.

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BIG Campaigns vs small Campaigns

From the scary deep depths of Lazy Neo’s mind…

If ye thought we here on STM like:


BIG Profits.

BIG Campaigns.

BIG Conversions.

Allow Neo to flip yer world upside down.

“It doesn´t really matter if your campaigns run on high ROI or low ROI. It also doesn´t really matter if your campaigns have a high CVR or a low CVR.
It doesn't even really matter if your profit per campaign is high or low.”

There’s only one thing that matters.

And that’s how many dollarydoos you put in yer pocket in the end.

Total profit.


It’s way easier to make a $1/day campaign than it is to get to a $500/day campaign.

But here’s the itsy bitsy problem.

How do ye manage 500 $1/day campaigns?

That ye shall learn from the master himself, revealed inside.

And the most important counter-intuitive lesson?

Don’t scale the profit per campaign.

Scale the number of campaigns.

Yer welcome.

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“Waaah I lost $1,047.22 on TikTok”


Does the affiliate baby need a napkin?


“Hi ya'll,

I've been trying to beat this Tiktok game for months (since April) with no luck.

I've spent $1525.06 on ads and only made $477.84 in revenue.

My best day was $1.20 spend and $40 revenue, but that quickly died the next day.

Even when an ad seems like it's working, it either dies on its own or my duplicated ads never become profitable.

"I have no idea why I can’t turn this around.”

Oh these are some big boy numbers. (that’s sarcasm)

And there are 2 big boy problems in here:

  1. Yer creatives.

  2. Yer budgets.

And yes, people have revealed what ye should instead do, inside.

Special thanks to @stungads.

Bro went ham on these ads–does that sound modern-Gen-Z-cool enough?

Am I doing it right?


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