🫡 $74,767.80 Revenue

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$74,767.80 Revenue – $59k Spend = $15k Profit, The Jaybot Strikes Again

How do you stop a Jaybot?

Ye don’t.

This is the world’s longest-running follow-along.

By the world’s most persistent man.

This type of guy should send shivers down yer affiliate spine.

He hath posted again.

For he shall post again.

And again.

May I direct yer attention to these fine green rows here:

“Spend $59k, Got $74k back. About $15k or so for the month. Better, but still not amazing. We've done way better, kids.”

That said, inside ye’ll find:

– Voodoo witch magic @ Taboola

– Outbrain

– TT

– FB

– Frustration

– A legendary @kjrocker

– Wise advice

– More, lots more

Yer welcome.

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A wise message from @iwanttofly:

“A tip to the wise, check all your links. Lots of networks have tracking links that have been banned. If that link is your ad destination, in the ad copy, or even on the lander, there is a good chance Facebook will spot it and view you and your account negatively for being connected to a previously banned asset.”

It ain’t STM in case there ain’t more, as per usual.

One affiliate veteran checks ALL their links…every week.

A link to FB’s debugger tool (this may sniff out any tracking links breaking in the middle that can get yer precious accounts to Zuck’s digital graveyard)

Another mod-legend chiming in with an elegant way to tell lazy networks to fix their sh!t.

👉👉👉 Yes, Tuck This One Deep In The Bookmarks Folder, Too

ScottyG’s Creatives Leaked Into The Wild

The man, the myth, the TikTok ad legend @ScottyG, strikes again, too.

Big ScottyG is the most explosive TikTok ad success story ever.

Guess where that happened? STM.

Funny how ‘the most’ type of stories only happen on STM.

But anywhoms, lemme refresh yer memory real quick:

New High Score - 1155% ROI & 15k profit days

This man went on to make mid-six figures and up per month…after a couple of months of joining STM and hopping in on the TikTok bandwagon.

Wild stuff.

But this is about something else.

Have ye ever wanted to see a super affiliate’s TikTok creatives?

How about his secret ad template formula?

Let me sweeten the deal even further with a quote:

“my biggest winners are offers that hundreds of affiliates have told me they failed on.”

Did my power-copy-words get the butterflies in yer belly wrestlin’?

Also, inside ye’ll find @stungads’ ads and ye’ll see the contrast between the two approaches.

Basically, yours truly was thinking of repackaging this thread as a $999 course and swinging it to you right here.

But hey, yer welcome.

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