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$6,200 In A Day – The Newbie Plot Thickens

This $22k/day mysterious newbie.

Remember him?

This one, here, with the $22k/day.

On his second-ever offer.


He’s back.

And the plot has thickened.


This time?

$6,200 a day.

But how?




Is this blind luck?

A stroke of genius?

Who is this guy, bro?

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[SPONSORED] From $50k to $3M with Native Ads

Running native ads? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the biggest players in the market.

6H Agency, one of the biggest advertisers on Taboola, has successfully scaled from $50K to over $3M per month.

And they’re ready to spill the beans on how they did it.

Join 6H Agency, Voluum Tracker, and Taboola on a free webinar to learn the secrets of scaling on native traffic!

Date: September 14, 2022

Webinar Hosts:

➡️ 6H Agency: One of the biggest advertisers on Taboola

➡️ Taboola: One of the biggest native ad networks

➡️ Voluum: THE most popular ad tracker among affiliates

This trio knows a thing or two about native ads. 💡😉

What You Will Learn:

➡️ Effective media buying strategies

➡️ Native ads optimization

➡️ Techniques features and functionalities to make your life easier

➡️ Lander split-testing strategies

Plus, 6H will share 2 success stories from their clients in the Lead Gen & Ecommerce industries.

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Native ads can get tricky… but if you’re leveraging the right tools, you could be making millions. Voluum Tracker and Taboola have been the backbone of 6H scaling from $50K a month to over $3 Million.

Learn the key to success from 6H’s CEO and which Voluum + Taboola features he used!

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Lead Gen Niche: Driving Schools 👨*🏫

The KjRocker strikes again.

Remember his lead gen niche from last week?

Airport Parking lead-gen, baby.

A big market gap all up for grabs.

This time he’s got his sights on driving schools.

This guy’s a creative fountain of knowledge.

Here’s a tasting:

“So today, let's talk about driving schools! I don't know where you live, but in the UK, driving instructors are fully booked most of the time since covid restrictions were lifted and is one of the good niches you can easily work in and scale your campaigns. Lets get started!”

In 4 short steps @kjrocker lifts the veil on yet another lead gen dark spell.

We’ll await, impatiently, for his next niche.

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🧔 Boundless Wisdom From The Ye Olde STM Days

Ever wondered what 7-figure affiliates do to keep making 7-8, and higher, figures, consistently?

What does it take?

There’s gold Inside this ye olde thread from 2014.

Here’s the kicker:

“Thought this would be an awesome thread idea. There's some really awesome guys here on STM running big numbers and it would would be cool if 7 figures affiliates could chime in for these 4 quick questions with their own views based on their experiences The questions are based off Tim Ferris's 4 questions to ask to experts

  1. What is the mistakes you see novices making with affiliate marketing?

  2. If you had to start again what would you do differently? (Please don't say the cliche I wouldn't change anything - even if it's true for you

  3. If you had to choose 1 or 2 people to emulate who would it be and why?

  4. If you had 4-8 weeks to train me for earning 7 figures/year how would you prepare me? (I understand it's impossible, but if you had $10million of your own money riding on this, how would you train me?)”

As for the good stuff–that ye’ll find inside.

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