$13k in 24hrs Thx To Secret Super Affiliate Daily Ritual

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🤑 Jaybot’s Secret Daily Ritual to $13k in 24hrs

Take a real good look at these commissions:

See ‘em?

That’s about thirteen thousand dollarydoos.

In a new year’s day.

Name me a better start of the year?

That’s right, ye can’t.

Jaybot’s John Wick persistence paid off.

Big time.

Lots more to come.

His secret?

That ye shall find inside.

His verticals?

That too.

He even wrote this newsletter’s subject line.

Yer most welcome.

P.S. Hey @iAmAttila, thanks for hopping right into my .002 web.

wink wink

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[Mastermind] Looking for 5-6 guys making $1k/day on Facebook

Psst hey you.

You there, lurker in the shadows.

Care for a mastermind?

Come out of hiding if yer making over $1k/day on FB.

See the paste below:


I’m looking for 5-6 guys that are making/spending $1k per day on Facebook Ads for their Affiliate offers✌🏽

I’m starting a group where we have 1 video call a week to talk about trends, facebook stuff and what offers work right now.

And on the other side we will have a WhatsApp group where anybody can get quality feedback and discuss new ideas.

You’re free to answer at any time. I think that's cool to grow and help each other.”

Dig in.

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