💣 $10 Million Per Month With G Ads

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🪙 $10 Million Per Month With G Ads

This caught yer eyeballs did it not?

Technically, @moneym’s number of Google campaigns would bring in about $10M per month.

How-ever he’s stuck at $800k per month.


People, that’s why.

You & a small team can only manage a certain number of campaigns.

The rest remain turned off & needs babysitting–via sheer manpower.

But how?

How do ye hand the secrets to yer prized affiliate campaigns to someone ye don’t know?

Who do you train?

Perhaps a friend, or a family member.

A green fresh hiree.

Or you sign loads of papers.

How much do ye pay them?

And dare you keep them in the loop and show them the entire picture?

How do ye make sure they don’t run off with your campaigns?

@moneym’s listed 3 potential solutions to handling his campaigns (see inside)

Ye’d be surprised at what other STM veterans advise you & @moneym do in this case.

‘Tis an excellent problem to have.

Perhaps ye can chime in too.

Yer welcome.

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[SPONSORED] Casino Affiliates Seeing Spike in ROI

Running casino offers? Don’t pass up this window of opportunity!

Join Royal Partners as a new affiliate this fall season, and enjoy these exclusive privileges:

1) Qualify for Payout Bonuses!


2) Be eligible to enter the Royal Joker Contest! (Which is in FULL SWING!)

To Enter the Contest

Step 1: Sign Up to Royal Partners between NOW and Dec 5th.

Step 2: Tell your personal manager you’re joining the contest.

Step 3: Send traffic to the qualifying offers.

Contest Conditions

When: From TODAY until December 5th, 2022

Offers: SOL, FRESH, JET, IZZI Casino; RevShare/Hybrid


Prizes & Bonuses!

Get the following Payout Bonuses (on top of your usual revshare/hybrid commissions), when you reach the required First Deposits (FD) per month:

💸 30-50 FD/mo ➡️ +$750

💸 50-70 FD/mo ➡️ +$1000

💸 70-100 FD/mo ➡️ +$1500

💸 100-200 FD/mo ➡️ +$3000

💸 200+ FD/mo ➡️ +$3500

🏆 When the contest ends, the TOP 5 AFFILIATES will receive additional cash bonuses of $1,000 to $5,000!

Not running with Royal Partners yet? Let’s make dough together!

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Transparent stats on your dashboard
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Here’s An AWA Ticket to Bangkok (Early Bird Price)

Allow me to hook you up with a cheap AWA ticket.

Tickets now go for, like, $859 man.

And they’re gonna go up in the next few days.

And they’ll keep going up ‘till the conference.

Lucky for you, @kulwantnagi’s selling his ticket.

At an early bird price.

So ye save a whole bunch of dollarydoos.

If ye were on the fence–now’s the time to hop over.

Bangkok’s amazing.

AWA’s amazing.

Pad Thai’s amazing.


Yer welcome.

P.S. I don’t know if this has been sold yet…probably, but worth a shot–go ask. Bye.

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How STM Pros Craft Disgustingly Good Facebook Angles

This game has gotten more difficult.


Instead of simply ‘buying media’ you now need to do some actual marketing…

Oh, the horrors…


The best part is there’s a little less competition.

Some of the lazy ones are out.

And the smart ones now reign carefree.

And ancient affiliate secrets tend to surface up.

Have ye ever wondered how the OGs of affiliate marketing brought in ridiculous numbers?

What’s their secret sauce?

Well, lemme tell ye a little story.

👉👉👉 Imagine Facebook Being a House…

P.S. How this thread went by completely unnoticed is beyond yours truly. Ye better hit that thanks button or I’ll be waiting under yer bed tonight.

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