🥖 1 Week To 175% ROI On Native

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1 Week = 175% ROI On Native…By A Supposed Nooblet

Grab yer baguettes & listen closely.

How did this (supposed) newbie get 175% ROI on native…in 1 week?

Look at this:

Selling yoga mats.

But had no prior affiliate magic experience.

Upon joining STM, he broke through FB and native as an affiliate.

Yet he didn’t break his wallet.


Native’s notoriously expensive & difficult to get to work.

Was it blind luck?

Some secret sauce?

Unknown magic French spells he hasn’t yet revealed?

As per usual…

Ye shall learn this, and way more, inside.

P.S. This thread too holds the ‘Boring FA’ title -- coincidence? I think not. Is it just me or are all forms of wild wizards popping back up on STM lately?

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TikTok Scaling Secretz – STM Style

Ever wondered how STMers scale their TikTok ads to the affiliate moon?

Some swear by ways tried and true.

Ways like never laying a finger on a working ad set.

Then duplicating that and perhaps doubling the budget.

Some, make 40-50 ad groups (yes, for real, see inside).

Others go against the status quo–blasting double ad budgets on working ad sets.

Basically, tuck this here thread in yer bookmarks & absorb STM knawledge ASAP.

Yer welcome.

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“But…When Do I Stop My Losers?”

It’s confusing innit.

Lets say yer campaign’s at -50% ROI.

Bleeding red.

Do ye stop it?

Do ye tinker with it?

Do ye cry for help on STM?

The last bit’s likely yer safest bet, if yer a newbie.

It’s important this.

Ye don’t want to spend too much on a losing campaign.

Yet, stopping testing early can mean throwing out a potential cash cow out the window.

What do we do?

The answer is:

It depends.

Legendary STM mods reveal insights.


And lessons.

Lessons ye must learn early in yer affiliate career.

Or else.

👉👉👉 Answers Revealed Inside

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