👉 $0 to $20k/day In 3 mo.

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Zero To 20k/day Within 3 Months Of Starting Affiliate Marketing

This guy’s pretty humble, and shy: “This post is NOT to show off.” (@rcheungltd)

Yours truly, however, is not.

Take a real good look at these babies:

06-06 to 06-07

$36,707.00 Revenue.

This man started AM in mid-December 2021.

He hit $20k days by mid-March 2022.

That’s three months.

Three. Months.

“My goal moving forward is to hit those 100k days within the coming 6-12 months. (hopefully) Im declaring it here to keep myself accountable.”

Given this track record, I’d sub to this guy.

>> Observe Revenues Here <<

[SPONSORED] CC Sweeps Offers That Give 400% ROI? Where to Find?

Have you seen member @blackemil’s recent case study?

The one where he shows how he did 400%+ ROI with credit card submit sweepstakes offers?

You could be running those offers YOURSELF from the SAME network - The Fellas Ads!

BETTER YET: Meet up with their reps at Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona! They are nice guys with lots of tips to give on how you, too, can achieve that kind of ROI.

Talk to them about:

  • Their wide range of offers and traffic in: CC Submit Sweeps, Streaming, E-commerce (trial), Antivirus, Nutra, Mobile Content and Lead Generation

  • Pre-tested and hosted sales funnels

  • Keeping traffic quality top notch

Or just pick their brain on the latest industry trends!

Meet The Fellas Ads at Booth C26 or BOOK YOUR MEETING NOW!

Also: They will be sponsoring the Affiliate Big Bash Barcelona on the 5th of July. Get in touch with your Fellas rep to secure your tickets!

>> Book Your Meeting With theFellasAds in Barcelona! <<

How to Generate Killer Big Ideas and Unique Hooks in Under 30 Minutes

Since ye found last week’s AdWorld goodies tasty, I bring more.

Yes, yer eyeballs can find these under STM’s Treasure Chest.

Yes, for free.

Yes, ye should watch em now.

Basically, you can now crank out killer angles like it’s nothing.

Copy legend Stefan Georgi’s mind reveals:

– A 3-step formula for generating hooks and big ideas “on demand” (we call these angles ‘round on STM)

– The 5 easiest places on the interwebz to find unique hooks for ads (no matter what market you’re in)

– How in the hell do you use simple metaphors to increase ad conversions by 60%?

– Use Stefan’s “ethical appropriation” strategy to ensure your ads resonate with your target market.

This stuff remindds me of Breakthrough Advertising. No there are no aff links. Yes, there’s a reason this here book costs $500.

Go watch the video.

Then maybe buy the book if ye haven’t yet.

Yer welcome.

>> Watch The Talk here <<

Lets Talk Conferences

@cupcake wants to discuss conferences:

“My top list of conferences “must attend” for affiliates in dating industry: AWE, TES, AWA, MWC.”

You’ll see The Legend himself tell you of his favourites.

There’s The Chosen One.

There’s an old-school affiliate dog.

And there are talks of an STM mini-drunk meetup. Perhaps.

>> Discuss Here <<

The Jaybot Saga Continues

The @jaybot strikes again.

This time, in red:

“So I spent $36k to lose $2300 or so.”

Will he feed his starving family or fail?

@twinaxe, everyone:

“Your FA is like a soap opera, we´re all happy with you when you have success and we all suffer with you when your performance tanks“

>> Follow The Legend of the Jaybot Here <<

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